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These 6 study sections are jam-packed with simple strategies that will walk you through the core competencies required for the NeuroNICU Certification Exam:

Section 1

CNS Development & Birth Injuries

Section 2

Neuro Exam, NAS, Neuromuscular Disorders

Section 3

Brain Imaging, Monitoring, Stroke & Seizures

Section 4

HIE & Cooling

Section 5

IVH, PVL, Neuroprotection, Sleep, & Positioning

Section 6

Pain, Infections, Ethics & End of Life

What Past Students Are Saying

Thank you for such an amazing review course for the C-NNIC certification. I recently received my exam results and I passed on my first try and scored in the "strong" category for each section of the exam. I solely relied on your course and a few sections from a comprehensive neonatal textbook, but your course was the most helpful! Thank you again!

Took the C-NNIC a couple weeks back after viewing the content you offer & scored very strong in all cats! Super review Kathi! Tomorrow I’ll take the RNC-NIC & work my way down the NCC list!

When I first heard about the Neuro NICU certification, I was so excited to take the test. However, I was nervous because there weren't any study guides out for this test. When I heard Synapse was offering a study group for this exam, I joined right away. I learned so much and because of the study group, I passed! I am now certified in neuro NICU. Thanks so much!

Course includes:

  • Step-by-step weekly study guide
  • Weekly email coaching and resources
  • Recommended Textbooks
  • More than 12 hours of recorded lectures
  • Study quizzes
  • Bonus lectures from past ONE Conferences and Courses
  • Links to dozens of bonus teaching videos
  • Weekly LIVE Q&A calls during February - March 2022


Kathi Randall


Kathi Randall has had an interest in the sub-specialty of neonatal neurology since her days as a bedside nurse. She has been an educator on fetal/ neonatal brain development, neuro-protective care, and neuro-monitoring and assessment for the last 15 years. Her passion for this topic has taken her around the globe as an invited speaker and guest at a number of universities and conferences.

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